Landfill Tax Rates On The Rise

13th April 2015

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Landfill Tax Rates and Waste Management Services

Landfill Tax On The Rise


From this month, increased landfill tax rates will come into effect, bringing the standard rate per tonne of waste from £80 to £82.60 per tonne and the lower rate for less-polluting wastes from £2.50 to £2.60 per tonne as a result of changes in the Finance Act 2014. Our thoughts on the landfill tax and its broader impact on our business sector have been discussed previously with Recycling & Waste World, for the full article head to RWW.

Landfill tax was first introduced back in 1996 at £7 per tonne as a tactic to reduce waste to landfill and drive increased recycling rates and has been a topic of contention ever since due to some parties believing it is responsible for an increase in fly tipping and unlicensed waste disposal. With the recent changes coming into effect, it is predicted in the 2015 Budget that the total amount of money brought in by landfill tax will double from £5 million to £10 million in 2017/18 and 2018/19.

This coincides with the enforcement of mandatory loss-on-ignition (LOI) testing, a testing regime to help landfill site operators to determine whether processors should be charged a standard or lower rate of tax and ensure the correct classification of waste going into landfill sites.

This will affect landfill operators who will be required to perform LOI tests for each 1,000 tonnes of waste brought for disposal. It is expected that this will have an impact on 450 mechanical treatment plants and 200 landfill sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland which may incur costs in preparation for the LOI testing. Costs will range from IT system changes to training staff, as well as the cost to test each sample at laboratory.

Do you think increasing landfill tax rates isan effective tactic in reducing waste to landfill? Let us know your thoughts via Twitter @707RM or by commenting below. If you’re looking for cost-effective waste and recycling services contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

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