Five Products Made From Recycled Materials

30th April 2015

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With society becoming more environmentally conscious, many consumers are looking for products that are sustainably sourced or made from recycled or waste materials. Companies are coming up with creative ways to meet the demand for more eco-friendly products and below are five examples of commercially available products made from recycled materials.Thumbnail for Take it from the little guy! #recycling is awesome...

1. Reformed Plastics – founded in Bournemouth by an engineer with an inquisitive mind – manufacture furniture, decking, fencing and many other products from 100% recycled plastics and sell to domestic and commercial customers.

2. The Greentom Upp is a unique stroller made entirely from recycled plastics and at the end of a stroller’s life, customers return it to Greentom to be reused or recycled once again.

3. Lucy and Jane, two mums who wanted to work around their young families, founded Rocket St George. They create ceiling lights made from scrap cardboard to sell on their online emporium.

4. Modish Living was launched in 2013, selling reclaimed timber furniture and they take on bespoke commissions for domestic and commercial use. They believe in the importance of using reclaimed materials so that beautiful products can be made without harming the environment.

5. The Green Stationery Company produce recycled and environmentally friendly stationery and office supplies including pens, files, furniture and cleaning products. They want to help to sustain the environment for future generations by closing what they call the ‘recycling loop’ whereby recyclable materials are collected more but recycled products aren’t yet being purchased in high volumes.

From furniture to office supplies, gifts to cleaning products, recycling is crucial in the fight to help reduce carbon footprints, curb the felling of trees, protect the natural environment and reduce the output of greenhouse gasses into the environment from landfill sights. Many of the products that we use in day-to-day life can be made by recycled products and are readily available online for use in the home, outside and in workplaces. The products listed above showcase just five of the countless uses for recycled materials and are examples of the wide variety of items available. Next time you’re looking for a gift for someone or a practical product for your home or office, have a look for a version of it made with recycled materials and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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