Earth Day And Waste Management Fit Together

23rd April 2015

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We saw the celebration of Earth Day 2015 this week where lights go out across the UK and many other countries in a mass attempt to save energy. In the waste management sector though we ask how do we fit in?logo

Well actually it is easy enough. Over on the Earth Day website you can do anything from vowing to lower your energy consumption to supporting environmental education. One of the big things we do as a waste management firm is to reach out to our customers to see if their waste can be reduced. This means reducing waste going to landfill and recycling/reusing what we can.

Of course it can feels like a big undertaking but as we have previously discussed on our blog you can easily reduce your office waste and food waste is a household waste that we can all agree we could reduce too.


This site has some fab ways on how to be less wasteful

A few of the actions that fit really well with us are the following;

Adjust your water heater – this save pennies as well as energy. Lowering the temperature slightly won’t have a big impact for you but will do on energy consumption.

Buy local produce – have you ever thought how easy it can be to support other local businesses. By offering a discount to each other and promoting each other you save airmails/petrol miles as well as fitting into the governments Love Local scheme too. It’s advantageous to us all to champion our local businesses. Why not start with a local printer for your business cards?

Stop using disposable plastic! Do you really need a fresh cup at the water filter? Can each staff member bring in their own mug or reusable water bottle?

Say no to junk mail! Can you send an e-newsletter to your client base rather than via post? An e-newsletter can look really professional and saves printing costs as well as the enviable end to it – going into the recycle bin!

Slay vampire energy! Does half the office leave their systems on standby rather than switch off? By making sure that any equipment is switched off at the end of each day you will not only save wasted energy but you’ll see your electricity bills lowered too!

Waste management is all about making sure we lower your waste, make sure it goes to the right places like recycling plants rather than landfill as well as being as efficient as we can!

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