Do You Need A Waste Audit?

27th April 2015

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When you are in a busy working environment it can be easy to simply throw things away that are surplus to requirement and not think too hard about the impact your waste is having or how it could be better managed. With landfill rising fast and companies looking for ways to be more environmentally and economically friendly, a waste audit can help you to determine what you are disposing of and how to improve your waste disposal practices.

Thumbnail for What does Zero #Waste mean to you? Interesting points via @sarahjulielWhy does it matter? Well, you could find that within your business people are throwing away items that could be reused, such as plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. This not only means that the company then spends money replacing such items, but also on more frequent commercial rubbish collections. Knowing how to better manage bins and recycling within a company can have a huge and positive impact upon finances and in cutting your carbon footprint, which are things that everyone likes to see.

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A waste audit will show you exactly what is being thrown away and what measures can be put in place with a site waste management plan that works for your company. By separating general, recycling, food, medical and other types of waste it becomes easier to see where bad practice has crept in and how to improve upon it with simple changes such as clearly marked bins, composting and recycling. Change doesn’t have to be hard and the steps you can take really are easy to implement.

In order to get a true picture of what is happening within your company, as few people as possible need to know that an audit is going to be conducted, this way employees won’t change their habits and thus give an inaccurate result. The separated waste will be weighed and waste diversion opportunities will be identified quickly and easily.

Do you think that your business could benefit from a waste audit? We offer a full waste audit service, which will be tailored to your business’ waste management needs and will get your business on its way to a greener, more sustainable and more cost-effective path.

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