Costa goes ‘zero-energy’

17th April 2015

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We’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce business waste and there’s more good news on the energy-saving front as coffee shop chain Costa has launched a new ‘Eco Pod’ café concept, achieving ‘zero-energy.’

The new coffee shop launched at Wrekin Retail Park in Telford, Shropshire, last week and taking just 13 weeks to build, has incorporated a number of innovative energy-saving technologies which helps it achieve ‘zero-energy’ – meaning the energy produced is equal to or greater than the energy consumed.

Innovative design and construction techniques minimise the energy required to heat and cool the new building and key design features of Costa’s Eco Pod coffee shop include solar PV cells embedded in a specially curved roof, a special FSC-sourced timber frame as an alternative to the traditional steel, intelligent orientation of the building to achieve the best levels of sunlight and shade, under-floor heating and a passive ventilation system. Espresso machines, panini grills and dishwashing equipment also use power efficiently.

These energy-saving technologies could have a huge impact on the future of sustainable building design in the hospitality sector and comes just after news that a California based company has introduced the world’s first plantable coffee cup. The cups, which have seed’s making up their walls, are also fully biodegradable. This initiative does indeed require cooperation from coffee houses – could this be the next step for Costa?

Do you have any thoughts or ideas when it comes to reducing coffee’s impact on the environment? Share your top tips with us @707RM. Looking to save money on your business’ waste management costs? Contact us for a free quote.

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