5 easy ways to reduce your office waste

17th April 2015

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Does your business have colour coded bins to ensure all recyclable waste is recycled? By doing this you can prevent at least 50% of waste going to landfill – imagine that on a large business scale with just a simple step. It is sometimes the small areas of the company that can make the most impact on the environment.

Recycle toners/ cartridges/ water filters etc 

Most companies order toner in bulk load, there are several companies that can refill the previous cartridge, saving your company valuable money and preventing the need for extra products.

Research and keep up to date 

Are you using the most cost effective waste provider for your company? By researching and reviewing costs, you may find a cheaper alternative and one that suits your waste management needs at the same time.

Issue an incentive 

Do you have colleagues willing to lower their waste but unsure how to do so? Encourage all employees to reduce their waste by issuing an incentive for every water bottle/ printer cartridge they bring in from home. ID-100137602

Food waste 

If your company has a canteen, discuss the importance of recycling and lowering the amount of food waste. Can you lower costs of meals towards the end of the day? Can they take them home to their families or use the following day at a reduced cost? Review all options that are available.

Car share scheme

Do your employees drive singularly to work when they live near each other? Set up an office car share and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Alternatively, encourage the use of bicycles and cancel out pollution all together, prevent car parks being over filled and a healthier, happier workforce.

ID-100263277By keeping on top of cost effective areas of your business, you are more than able to keep costs down and reduce office waste. Create a team dedicated to reducing waste and set fun targets to build their success rate. The more motivated people are, the more likely they are to continue to strive for lower waste output and see the effects it has on the environment.

Do you have any top tips to reduce office waste?

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