Top Tips for Avoiding Waste in the Office

5th March 2015

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What can offices do to stop wasting so much paper?

We generate over 100 million tonnes of waste every year in the UK, with much of this waste being preventable! Here at 707 we have a goal of zero waste to landfill and not only do we provide a comprehensive business waste management and recycling service, we’re also passionate about helping our customers to save the environment. Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to share our top 10 tips for avoiding unnecessary waste in the office!



• Avoid duplicates. Do all staff need a copy of the office handbook on their desk? Cut printing by displaying things like this in the staff communal area instead.

• Trial paperless meetings by making use of PowerPoint or a whiteboard.

• When you can’t go paperless, print double-sided and in black and white whenever possible – does it really need to be in full colour?!

• Avoid paper, packaging (and postage!) costs by calling or emailing instead of sending a letter.

• Keep a scrap paper tray and reuse for scribbling down a phone number or diligently taking notes.

• Give away your used magazines to doctors’ surgeries or anywhere with a waiting room. Donate your old newspapers to animal rescue centres – they use them for bedding!

Do you have an interesting way of cutting back on paper waste? Share your top tips with us @707RM.



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