‘Top Ten’ Ways to Avoid Business Waste – Tip #4

27th March 2015

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Recycling is not only good for the environment – it’s also a cost effective way of dealing with your office waste and, according to WRAP, over a third of businesses that recycle say it has improved their reputation within the local community.

Recycle as much as possible by having designated recycling areas and clearly labelled bins for specific materials. A well placed recycling container will increase capture of specified material and it works well to think about where the recyclable material will be generated. For example, place a paper recycling container next to the printer for unwanted print-outs and a food waste container in the kitchen for the food waste that can’t be avoided. It’s also important to remember to reduce contamination to increase the amount of recyclable waste and reduce the amount that ends up at landfill.

Here are a couple of tips for reducing contamination:
– Never put food waste in with other recyclables – even tiny amounts can ruin material such as paper
– Don’t use bin bags – place your recyclable waste loosely into the bin
– Rinse containers – tins and bottles should be rinsed out before recycling
– Tear off contaminated areas (e.g. a cheesy pizza box lid) and recycle the rest

Has your office adopted separate recyclable waste disposal? Do you have an innovative way of separating your recyclable waste? Share your top tips with us @707RM. Looking to save money on your business’ waste management costs? Contact us for a free quote.


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