‘Top 10’ Ways to Avoid Business Waste – Tip #2

11th March 2015

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Recycling To Cut Down On Business Waste

Changing habits can reduce business waste

We’re on our second tip in our ‘Top 10’ series focusing on ways you can prevent unnecessary business waste! Having dealt with the mountains of paper that offices create, our attention now turns to the biggest habit that workers in the UK all share, tea and coffee! As a country we drink a lot of hot beverages, but we’re often guilty of not stopping to think about the impact we’re having on our environment. These tips are designed to help our environment, as well as help save you money on your business waste costs.



  • Re-usable mugs and cups. This sounds simple, but many workplaces are still using unrecyclable plastic cups. The inventor of plastic coffee cups has even spoken out recently, admitting that he regrets ever creating them!
  • Boiling the kettle is a relatively efficient way of heating water but there are still areas where offices can improve their energy efficiency. Fill it for what you need! We’re all guilty of boiling enough water for five cups when we’re only making three. This extra use of energy really adds up over time.
  • If you’re feeling particularly environmentally friendly, you can always re-use teabags! Spread them across a couple of brews, or use them for something a bit more alternative.
  • If you don’t want to re-use teabags, then look to dispose of them correctly. Coffee ground and teabags are ideal ingredients for a healthy compost bin!

If you’ve got a novel approach to reusing your teabags, comment with your tips below or via twitter @707RM. Looking to save money on your business waste costs? Contact us for a free quote.


Photo credit: Craig Sunter via Flickr

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