Rotherham Waste Recovery Facility Accepts First Waste Load

8th March 2015

Written by:

Shanks Rotherham

Shanks group, who runs the facility in Manvers has accepted the first delivery of waste for treatment at the new 265,000 tonnes per year capacity waste recovery facility.

The facility developed in collaboration with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) boasts both an anaerobic digestion and a mechanical biological treatment plant, and will treat residual waste from approximately 340,000 households from the Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster area.

Under the contract, SSE will take approximately half of the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) produced to generate electricity at its new £250 million multi-fuel plant in Ferrbridge. The 108MW multi-fuel plant will use numerous types of feedstock including biomass and RDF, and is due to receive its first shipment next month.

Speaking about the first delivery of waste to arrive at the WRF Peter Eglinton, Managing Director of Shanks’ UK municipal division said, “ as a leading waste-to-product company, we are delighted to be accepting first waste at our BDR facility in Rotherham. The facility will help make more from the waste produced in the area by increasing recycling, generating green energy and producing compost for land redemption.”

The facility will see less waste sent to landfill, and importantly turn waste into energy and create new jobs. Shanks who will operate the facility until the expiration of the contract in 2040 say that is has created 40 new jobs in the local area and is on schedule to be fully operational in July 2015.

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