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5th March 2015

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This week saw organisations, representative bodies and industry leaders coming together at the annual Resource event in London, to consider opportunities for collaboration and partnership and how best to drive forward with a circular economy strategy.

A circular product life cycle revolves around reusing, recycling and repairing existing resources, preventing landfill and protecting scarce natural resources. Putting the infrastructure in place to enable this would require significant investment and in an article last week, I highlighted funding as a barrier to achieving a circular economy.

It is therefore interesting to see that the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) is investing a substantial £30m in constructing a £60m state of the art Waste to Energy (WtE) plant.

The Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) gasification is the first commercial scale project to be funded using 3rd party investment in the UK and will treat 90,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste annually, producing sufficient energy to power over 7,000 homes per year. It is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 900,000 tonnes and provide employment for up to 110 people during construction with 17 full time positions once up and running.

Gavin Templeton, Head of Sustainable Finance at the GIB, is amongst a panel of experts speaking about access to sustainability funding at edie’s Sustainability Live 2015 conference next month – we look forward to finding out what financial support is available to projects championing circular thinking and breaking down funding barriers to achieving a circular economy.

What do you think? Is Waste-To-Energy a viable option that our industry should be investing in?

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