Flood Risk Alleviated With Removal of 6 Tonnes of Waste

24th March 2015

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Fly TippingLocal volunteers have cleared over six tones of rubbish from a river plagued by fly-tipping as part of a community clean up event in Bolton.

A dozen or so people gave up their time last Mothering Sunday to pick up litter on land at the bottom of Spa Road, as well as spending time clearing rubbish which had been flytipped into the River Croal.

Faiths 4 Change, who organized the event in partnership with the Environment Agency, and Bolton Council of Mosques designed the event to prevent a risk of flooding.

The Environment Agency were able to provide the event with a special truck which allowed large deposits of waste to be removed from the water, making it less likely for their to be blockages which may in turn cause floods.

Such is the scale of the flytipping problem, it has impacted the impression of the area, and has been a source of anger, frustration and complaints from local residents and businesses.

Ali Amla, project manager at Faiths 4 Change, said the clean up had resulted in a significant improvement in the area, and hopes that flytippers will take note and stop illegally dumping waste into the river Croal and the surrounding land.

Ali said: “ The area looks much better now, thanks to the work of the volunteers and the Environment Agency.

“We want to raise awareness of the risk of flooding, the amount of rubbish taken out of the river today just highlights the problem.

“We want to use this as a starting point, and work in more areas to help improve the landscape and make Bolton a cleaner place. I am from Preston, and when I came to Bolton I was shocked at the amount of rubbish on the streets.”

Some of the items found in the river during the clean up operation included a vast array of domestic rubbish, such as nappies, rotting food, and even mattresses.

Colin Liptrot, a team leader at the EA, said that there had been minor flooding on nearby roads in the past and was one of the reasons why the community has rallied to this cause.

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