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16th March 2015

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Ekocycle, a range of lifestyle products developed by and Coca-Cola, has launched in the UK.

The eco-friendly range (which cleverly includes the word ‘coke’ spelt backwards) sits in London department store, Harrods, and spans from clothing and accessories to bikes and 3D printers; all made from recycled plastic bottles and aluminium.

Attending an after party after a concert and seeing the aftermath of plastic bottles on the ground was one of the things that inspired Ekocycle for, who lives by the ethos of “waste is only waste if we waste it.”

“Before this jacket was on my back it was in someone’s hand… and after it’s been in my jac

ket it will be something else as well,” said to the Drum.

The American singer and entrepreneur’s goal is for people to eventually see these products as the norm; something we all need to work towards if we’re going to reach our goal of zero waste to landfill.

Is this the future for lifestyle products? With Harrods supporting such an iconic name

like, what’s stopping other industries and companies following suit? Let us know your thoughts


Image courtesy of Bob Bekian (Flikr)

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