Hertfordshire Set To Deal With HWRCs Misuse

24th February 2015

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Household Waste Recycling CentreHertfordshire council and contractor Amey have recently imposed a restriction on van drivers using Household Waste Recycling Centre’s in the county to prevent commercial waste being dumped on the 17 HWRCs in Hertfordshire.

In January a permitting scheme was imposed, the scheme requires drivers of vans, pickup trucks or trailers to sign up to receive a free pass to dispose of waste on sites.

Users of the scheme are then permitted to use the sites up to 12 times in a 12-month period and will be able to visit any of the council’s 17 Household Waste Recycling Centre’s. If they exceed the limit then they will be required to send their permit back to the operating contractor Amey, who will then check to ensure that the request is genuine and approve the issue of any new permits.

All drivers of vans or other commercial-type vehicles will be asked to provide proof of short-term hire, and the council has vowed to monitor use of the site with those individuals with commercial type vehicles.

The reason for such drastic changes have been the misuse of the site by commercial users seeking to use the site to dispose of waste that would otherwise cost them to get rid of. Although the council has recognized the difficulty of monitoring commercial-type vehicles using the site, they are confident in this new system making a difference for their residents.

A spokesman from the contractor, Amey said: “ Making these changes allows us to continue to offer a quality service to residents which focuses on further improving the facilities provided to our customers in Hertfordshire. In the coming months we will be expanding the reuse offering at our sites and will also be piloting a trade waste scheme for small businesses to be located near one of our sites.”

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