Go Green Week: Our Top 10 Ways to Go Green

4th February 2015

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Next week is Go Green Week (9-15 February 2015), the annual national week of climate action in schools, colleges and universities. Coming together to take simple steps to change our everyday routine can have a positive impact on the environment so we’ve compiled 10 of our top tips to help you Go Green this February. They’re so simple you won’t even notice and most will not only save you energy – they’ll help to save you money!

1) Turn things off when they’re not in use – electrical items such as televisions, toasters and kettles don’t need to be left on standby and office computers can be turned off over-night. Use less artificial light and make the most of natural day light by opening curtains and painting your walls a pale colour. When you do use lights, make sure you turn them off when you leave the room.

2) Eat smart – avoid food waste in the kitchen by freezing leftover food and cooking for friends. If you do create food waste, find the time to separate your food waste from other waste. Separate, clearly labelled waste bins are an effective choice in the kitchen for recycling food waste.

3) If you’ve fallen out of love with something, don’t throw it away – let it find love in a new home. Charity shops, car boot sales, second hand shops and clothes banks are a great way of re-homing items instead of sending them to waste. Your unwanted goods might be just what somebody else is looking for!

4) Recycle – it’s inevitable that some things will need to go in the bin, but where possible, make sure you recycle. Always aim to use the correct recycling bins and the correct waste management and bin collection solution at home and in the office. At 707, we have our own goal of zero waste to landfill.

5) Buy a woolly jumper – turn down central heating and put some more clothes on instead. We remember this trick from our costly student days but it’s very energy efficient too!

6) Do you need to drive to work? Try biking or walking to work one or two times a week. If you do need to drive, car share and give a colleague a lift to work. It’s good for you and the environment.

7) Skip bottled water – drink tap or filtered water from a re-useable cup instead. Although water bottles are recyclable nowadays, many still go un-recycled and cause serious harm to our oceans.

8) Shop smart – You can Go Green by taking small steps to reduce waste when making purchasing decisions. Buy products with a longer shelf life and less or re-sealable packaging, consider buying second hand or recycled products and don’t forget your re-usable shopping bags.

9) Take a shower – a quick shower uses much less water than a bath.

10) Get rid of your tumble drier – hang dry your clothes on a clothes rack. Your clothes will maintain their condition for much longer and you’ll save energy. It’ll also help to save money!

Be sure to share any of your Go Green plans and ideas with others and help to spread the message of national Go Green Week. We’d like to hear what you’re getting up to @707RM.

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