ID Card Proposal for using Leeds Waste Disposal Sites

28th January 2015

Written by:

Waste Recovery Centre

The people of Leeds may soon be required to carry ID cards in order to use their local tip and to throw away their rubbish. This plan has been suggested by the city council in order to stop people from neighbouring cities using the waste recovery centres in Leeds.

It is claimed that the city council is spending approximately £90,000 a year on disposing waste and recyclable materials dumped by the residents of the neighbouring towns and cities.

Another cause being held as the reason for this plan is the result of other surrounding cities also bringing in similar schemes, and the director of environment and housing Nigel Evans has said that this permit idea is put forward with “regret.”

However, the city council panel that this idea has been put to has also heard that the permit scheme may be counterproductive, and impact on Leeds’ recycling targets and the city’s landfill tax bill. This being a major concern for the council, as the YEP reported last year that the city is consistently recycling as much as four times as much waste as it was ten years ago. At present, Leeds is exceeding and beating Government targets for recycling.

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