The Politics of ‘Zero Waste’

28th January 2015

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Just three months ago, I published an article recognising the progress the industry has made towards achieving zero food waste to landfill and the importance of winning over leaders in business and policy makers at Westminster to achieve this.

In four months, Britain will elect its next government and we have a responsibility, regardless of our political views, to ensure that in this time of austerity our industry’s case is high on the agenda of all the political parties. It is therefore concerning to see the Labour Party retract its commitment to ban food waste from landfill, pending a review into resource security, and the ongoing debate around the Green Party’s inclusion in the General Election leaders’ debates. It appears as though waste management and recycling is, in fact, dropping off the political agenda.

The seriousness of waste disposal should not be overlooked. In the UK, almost 15 million tonnes of food waste is generated each year and around 40 per cent of that is still disposed of via landfill. As we know, this has devastating and avoidable environmental consequences.

I have been speaking to Let’s Recycle about the importance of a collaborative approach across all sectors in driving our case forward in parliament, inspiring UK businesses to take action in the war on waste and incentivizing segregated food waste collection by making it a widely available and commercially viable option for all.

You can find out about the views of David Adams, Managing Director at 707 Resource Management, on Let’s Recycle by clicking here.

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